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Mobilizations are done in several convenient positions of the patient in which the therapist can easily assist the articular movement of the vertebrae into the desirable directions.In general the mobilizations are at first done by a solely manual (gentle) force done by the therapist. At later stages in positions in which the patient can assist the therapist by moving the Vertebral Column in the desired direction.

This is what we call active led; patients activity is being led by the therapist. And at last the patient is mobilizing himself actively. One must notice that this kind of Manual Therapy does not fixate a vertebra and moves another. In a normal, physiological movement, there are at least 2 parts moving relative to each other. The therapist tries to imitate that physiological movement.

Direction of the Mobilization (see videos)

Type A
Step 1 - being mobilized to Type D - rotational dimension intact
Step 2 - mobilization to B - position in frontal plane intact
Step 3 - mobilization to C - rotational dimension intact


Type B
Step1 - to C
Step 2 - to A
Step 3 - to D

Type C
Step 1 - to B
Step 2 - to D
Step 3 - to A


Type D
Step 1 - to A
Step 2 - to C
Step 3 - to B

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