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Dance Moves Toddlers and Adults

Source: Evian Water ad

This video amusingly illustrates that movement possibilities can already be present in the early years. Congenitally, the potentials and talents are already there. These inherent talents will need to be refined and expanded throughout one's life. Years of training ensure that innate talents can come to full fruition.
The constitution, what one has inherited from parents and ancestors, especially its development, will be determined by conditional factors. The ultimate outcome, the level, of this development is determined by both the constitution and the condition. If an incredible talent is not practiced, that talent will not fully manifest. Conversely, with moderate talent but significant effort and perseverance, an (extremely) high level can be achieved despite a lack of talent.
The above naturally applies to all possible talents, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

"Practice makes perfect."

Regarding 3DMT, there is the following addition: The video demonstrates that movement possibilities can already be visible in the early years. In this case, it involves dancers. The motor skills of a soccer player are different from those of a basketball player. The capabilities of a joint, or multiple joints in a movement chain, determine the actual execution of a movement. The movement chains of a soccer player are different from those of a basketball player; thus, each joint is also different. Different in terms of cartilage, ligamentous structures, peri-articular muscles, neurogenic, and vascular supply.

What possibilities does a joint have, and what preferences exist in the various movement chains?3DMT has the diagnostic tools to identify these preferences and, if there are limitations, to resolve them.

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