Three Dimensional Manual Therapy

"3DMT is a typical Dutch examination and treatment method that is still not well known. I would love pass my knowledge onto my colleagues."

In the past twenty years, manual therapy has become increasingly important in the Netherlands. The manual therapies also include 3DMT. 3DMT is a typical Dutch examination and treatment method. 3DMT has an empirical thinking pattern that is based on mechanical and physical principles of the spine. Complaints often arise due to the decreased mobility at one or more levels of the spine which may cause an imbalance in the static. 

Using 3DMT postures and movements can be better analyzed though the diagnosis is complicated. The treatment technique to restore the imbalance on the other hand is quite easy. The treatment method consists of virtually painless, passive mobilization. The mobilizations are performed with little power but require a lot of concentration of the therapist and a good coordination. The 3DMT requires the therapist to have much knowledge and more than outstanding expertise.

One of the benefits of this treatment technique is that effects usually are noticeable after a few treatments. Restoring the limited motions or alignment of vertebrae provide quick relief of symptoms, which improves the function of the joints and movement becomes easier.3DMT is not a hype but a treatment that is taken seriously by insurance and occupational physicians.

Alex Tiemes:

"A while ago I treated a Polish swimmer with the 3DMT method. His problem was that he struggled to swim in a straight line by which he always had to carry out a time-consuming adjustment. There were no joint restrictions, no limitations in terms of myogenic strength and length. The deviation from the straight line was caused by a mal alignment of the lower cervical area in combination with higher thoracic spine. After an analysis of the preferences, he could be trained in a special way. In time he could swim in a straight line in the pool. He became a renowned Olympic swimmer in Barcelona, Spain. "